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RAEN Optics

The sun still shines in the winter, right? We’re stoked about stocking San Diego based RAEN optics eyewear for men and women at Habitat this fall/winter season. RAEN’s designs are the perfect blend of California casual, urban hipster and fashionista. The prices are killer too for a sweet pair of handmade frames and polarized lenses.

That’s right, I said bootie.

I have a new favorite in the house.  It is the above bootie called Nuala by Coclico.  You know how you want to get a clog, but you try them on and think, “Self, you’re either going to have to get used to walking funny or just not have a pair of clogs!”.  Well…it’s just not so!  As Prince would say…The ride is so smooth…You must be a limousine.  (Sorry about that, folks.)  The experience of putting them on alone is worth the price tag.  I unzipped the back, put my foot in and it is seriously the first time in my life I have understood completely what it means for something to fit like a glove on some other part of your body besides your hand.  A GLOVE!!  I have to go touch them now.

Let’s Talk Color

Can I be frank?  This shoe by Chie Mihara is gorgeous, right?  Established.  But what I want to talk about is the color.  If you go to, you’ll see a top view of this shoe that is in an altogether different color.  A color that is altogether different from the color (called Ante Charcoal by Chie) that we thought we were ordering based on the leather swatches we saw on our computer screen (the real culprit)!  (You followed that, right?)  What you’re seeing above is the real color.  So, when it arrived, although we were confused, we realized that this color enriches and enlivens things you might not expect.  (Imagine: Brown Dress.  Red Dress.  Camel.  Yellow.  And on, and on.)  The fact that it’s suede will give you loads of latitude with the level of dressiness you’d like to achieve – goes with jeans too! – and the stacked wood heel next to this hue is a knock out combo.  (I’m sure if you’ve read this far you probably love the rosette ornament detailing as much as we do!)  The moral here?  When colors seem indescribable or slightly “off” they always end up  being the most versatile accessory in your closet.  Just buckle ’em on and prepare for compliments to roll in.

First Things First

Here in KC we’ve gotten a hint of cooler, less humid air…finally.  Oh weather!  This is to say that thoughts of colorful leaves and crisp air have breezed through all our minds of late.  Naturally, our next thoughts are…BOOTS!  (Bolting upright in bed.)  Are you ready?  Well, can I make a suggestion??

The above boot by Rachel Comey, the Penpal, is my #1 pick this season for its cool factor and comfort.  We all know that a little heel makes us stand a little more confidently and look a little better in our jeans.  Don’t wear jeans?  Don’t get me STARTED!  Put these on with a skirt and ruin everyone else’s day with your enviable look.  Equal parts “now” and “classic”.

P.S. The Penpal is also available in Stamped Caramel!  It’s kind of great…

Fall 2010 Preview: Thorocraft

One of the many new brands being introduced this fast approaching fall season at Habitat is American based Thorocraft. The minds behind the contemporary line are committed to four basic principles: craftsmanship, quality, durability and comfort. We dig Thorocraft’s modern designs with a touch of classic americana.

SeaVees Fall 2010 at Habitat

We are stoked to introduce American brand SeaVees to Habitat this Fall. Started in 1964, SeaVees, at it’s core, is the quintessential California lifestyle shoe – embodying “modern sensibilities…with 40 years of perspective, appreciation and contemplation” in the design process. Here is a sneak peek of several styles arriving in early Fall 2010.